Social Innovation

Line of work focused on own technological projects, framed in the area of social welfare and accessibility.

The development of technological products for sensitive collectives is a fundamental line since it defines our values ​​as a company.

Logo de WIIM byHS

WIIM is a technological service in service of Social Accessibility. Through a wireless system, integrated y connected to the internet (IoT), deaf people receive in their smartwatch necessary alerts and notifications that happen in their environment.

The cost of installation per home depends on the number of sensors they need, but being about 4 sensors plus the gateway the approximate price will be around 350 - 400 euros.

This system can be installed both in the home and in public / private buildings. As it works through internet, the person can be connected wirelessly to the different WIIM accessible points.


Logo de Senda byHS

Senda is a new service designed to care for those who need support through their own network of family members. Especially for seniors or people with some functional diversity that need this kind of help. The product consists of an SOS geolocalizable device that connects to family members' mobiles allowing them to receive key information for the security of these loved ones (geographical location and route, fall detection, SOS warning, safety zones, etc.) This way, from the mobile application, relatives can know their route, set alarms, be informed if they enter or leave an area and even share notes with other relatives and see reports written by qualified personnel (a doctor, residence, etc.).


Sensors & Home Automation

Line of work specialized in the field of home automation (own and other companies).

We develop projects that make home experience more comfortable and intelligent

IT Services

Work line focused on custom software development for other companies.

Our expertise and technological know-how allows us from consultancy in large projects, to the creation of customized software projects or everything related to communication services.

Logo de Django Python

In most of our works (some examples below), we use the Django/Python framework - both Python2 and Python3 versions - thus being experts in these technologies.

Style guides and good ways of development: all projects are managed with their own virtual environment, preparing the installation files of libraries with pip, ansible for the configuration of the environments and help in the deployments and version control with GIT.

In addition, depending on the project and the environment in which we are working, we use both Apache2 and Nginx in the application server, and both integrated with Gunicorn, for a correct and stable deployment in production.

The operating systems we have worked with have been mainly Debian, CentOS and mostly Ubuntu.

We usually use the PostgreSQL database, but we have cases of some projects where we have had to use non-relational databases (specifically MongoDB) in the case of the noise monitoring project.

Logo de Fiware

The FIWARE line of our company is present both in our own social innovation products (WIIM and Senda), and in the services we offer to third parties such as:

- Consultoría - Desarrollo a medida (con presupuesto a medida según necesidad) - Training (sesiones de aprendizaje Ad hoc: contenido y duración según necesidad)

In all our FIWARE services we support all existing GEs, with emphasis on Orion Context Broker, IDAS, Cosmos BigData Analysis, Cygnus, IDM Identity Management Keyrock, Application Mashup Wirecloud, Kurento, and others.

In relation to business services, we have already collaborated with several of them, helping them to achieve their objectives successfully: entering the acceleration processes and implementing FIWARE technology in their projects (consulting, FIWARE architecture technical design and development of a prototype). A project to monitor noise in the city of Málaga, a project to study the activity of our mind and an application to manage routes in an intelligent way, are some of the projects, among others, in which we have participated.

In this line, we have been working with the FIWARE GEs since 2013 and, in addition to the service to companies, these are some of the other achievements: FIWARE IoT best project award in London 2013, Finalists in the Hackathon of Santander Smart Cities with Our Open Alerts Project, Finalists in the Smart Cities Challenge celebrated in Brazil, Finalists in the Smart Society Challenge celebrated in Seville and finally, the FI-C3 Acceleration Program, having finished monitoring as one of the success cases.

Finally, the two products of social innovation that the company has in the market and for sale are: WIIM ( and Senda ( Both Powered by FIWARE.

Link: FIWARE developers