Meet our GPS Senda Locator for elderly

Meet our GPS Senda Locator for elderly

There are more and more studies that tell us about the importance for health of maintaining physical activity at all ages, especially during old age.

Elder people are getting better, they are healthy people who lead a normal life and like to feel independent. However, on some occasion they may fall and/or become disoriented, often generating doubts and insecurity in themselves.

Sometimes, due to falling and disorientation, they may even get lost. According to the association "SOS Desaparecidos" last year there were a total of 2,061 people missing. Andalusia being the community with the most people missing during the past year, followed by Madrid and Catalonia.

On other occasions, the elderly person is well and it is their loved ones who want to feel calmer but giving them independence.

The Senda GPS locator for the elderly or the elderly provides tranquility to the family and independence for the loved one in a discreet and simple way. Locating at any time our family member, even in situations of loss or disorientation and functioning as a hands-free phone. You can find more information about the GPS Senda locator device at

The features of the Senda locator are:

  • Location and route history, the device sends GPS positions so that family members can visualize it. In addition, at any time you can request the position on demand.
  • It has a single SOS button that notifies family members through a call and sends their relatives the location of the elderly person.
  • Its accuracy is about 2 to 3 meters outdoors.
  • It detects falls and notifies relatives through a call and sends the location of the elderly person through the mobile application.
  • Discreet size, the locator only measures 61 x 43 x 16 mm, similar to the size of a garage door handle.
  • Lightweight to carry, only weighs 15 grams.
  • Easy charging, the locator includes a charging station that allows charging the device just by putting it on the station and without cables. In this way, the typical cable charging is avoided, which in many occasions can have great difficulty for the elderly. This is one of the main factors to consider before choosing a GPS locator device.

Charging station GPS Senda elderly


  • Make and receive calls easily. When the loved one has an emergency, you only have to press the only SOS button that the device has. In addition, the device can receive calls, working in both cases, as hands-free.
  • Long battery life. Depending on the use, the Senda battery can last up to approximately 4 days.
  • High coverage, the GPS device Senda uses the antennas of Orange, therefore, covers the entire national territory.

Coverage Spain GPS Senda elderly
In addition, having GSM technology has worldwide coverage, as can be seen in the following image:

Coverage world GPS Senda elderly

The characteristics of the Senda application are:

  • Available for Android and iOS.
  • It allows to visualize at any time both the route followed during the last 12 hours and the current position. In case of loss or miscarriage of our relative, Senda allows to find the elderly person through geolocation.

The following image shows how the route followed in the last 12 hours by elderly who carries the GPS Senda locator for the elderly:

Route and history GPS Senda elderly

  • Receive notifications with the location and call to relatives when the elder person presses the SOS button or in case of detection of falls.
  • Create security zones, using custom areas. Traditionally, security zones are made with circular figures, however, they can sometimes cover a dangerous area.

For example, near our house we have a wooded area, when we draw the security zone, being a circular figure, it would encompass both the house and part of the forest area. Therefore, the security zone would not have the exact information.

  • Improved security zones.

In Senda we have improved the traditional perimeter technology. Geofence Senda technology allows you to limit areas with greater accuracy and more real. The application Senda, allows the user to draw the security zones that best suit the real area, for this, you just have to draw different points on the real area.

We show how security zones are made with traditional perimeter technology:

with traditional perimeter technology GPS Senda elderly

With Senda, the security zones are drawn with polygons, delimiting the zones in a more real and precise way. We show you a real example:

with geofence Senda technology GPS Senda elderly

  • All family members who wish can use the application for free.

On this page you can find more information about the GPS Senda device for adults:

To check the price you can visit this link: